Lark Holiday Campaign


In collaboration with one of Lark's partners, Medical Mutual, we took on a holiday campaign aimed at aimed at bolstering patient enrollment in Lark's programs. As a key member of the project team, I worked closely with Josh Stock (art director) and Melissa Vettel (copywriter) to craft compelling campaign materials that resonated with the target audience. Drawing inspiration from the holiday season and the spirit of gift-giving, we meticulously crafted language and design elements infused with these emotive themes. As the brand designer I crafted and integrated captivating visuals and graphic that aligned with the campaign narrative, while upholding Lark's newly refined brand identity. Our efforts yielded positive outcomes as we were able to achieve our enrollment targets and drive meaningful engagement with our programs.



Included in the campaign is a letter and brochure detailing the benefits you receive when you enroll in Lark.
a tri-fold brochure that opens up to reveal the benefits that Lark offers.
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